Getting back in the swing….one year later!

My hope is to get together pics of the remodel and to start to put together boards that show the progress.  In the meantime, I have found yet another diversion…..instagram.  ImageImageImage


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Spring around Holly Tree

I’ve been snapping pics the last few weeks around the house as the flowers come into bloom.   There never seems to be time to add the pics and all of the commentary that I want, so here they are in no particular order.  Enjoy!

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Old Town Orange

We wandered around Old Town with Kira today and enjoyed the candy shops, the Heavenly Hostess, and the funky 70s tchotchkies in the slightly creepy antique store.  Discovered that there is a very fine line between vintage chic and creepy, nightmare when it comes to “antiques”.  These were the prints that I snapped as we munched on a roll of Bottle Caps.  A great day with my favorite people!


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My latest obsession….

In addition to trying to figure out how to sort out this WordPress site, my recent obsession has been  Its an online bulletin board where you can post images that you find on the net.  There is a bit of voyeurism in seeing what others post, a sharing as you “repin” one that you like, and a shrug of the shoulders as you realize that all of your information is public and can be viewed by anyone who logs onto the site.  Check it out:

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